NEF-SUNY 100%  6-12 IC3 Digital Literacy Grant ($100 Million)

by National Education Foundation (NEF), global non-profit leader in K-12 STEM Education
and State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S.

Evidence-based:   (See

100% Grant: 100% grant from NEF

Award: We will select 500 grantees nationally or until we reach 1,000,000 students

Deadline to apply: Ongoing

Our Vision Goal: The goal of the NEF Digital Literacy Grant program is to prepare 1 million 6-12 students in digital, computer and Internet skills, as  announced recently after consultations with the White House and Congress.

What You Get:

    1. Individualized learning in Digital Literacy mapped to nationally accepted IC3 standards.
    2. Certificate from SUNY Potsdam (State University of NY), the largest University in the U.S., the course developer.

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To learn more contact NEF at 703-823-9999.