Apply now for a 100% grant to help your  students improve their digital literacy (Computer + Internet skills and Application skills) skills and thus enhance productivity and remote learning skills significantly.

You can pay the $145 fee with Federal Stimulus Funds you will receive in April, 2021, or from your 2021-22 budget.

Total Fee

NEF-SUNY 100%  MODEL K-12 STEM ACADEMY Grant ($100 Million)

by National Education Foundation (NEF), global non-profit leader in K-12 STEM Education
and State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S.

Evidence-basedSUNY evaluation shows that most of our students advance one grade level in math/reading in 25-35 learning hours. For example, Somerton, AZ, a severely disadvantaged school district (100% F/R meals, 95% English language learners) students have made more than 2-grade level progress in one year! Many of our School Districts have gone up from the bottom 20% to the top 20% in state test scores in math and reading!  (See

100% Grant: 100 students in your College will receive top-rated individualized learning software mapped to your state standards, PD, weekly SUNY evaluations and SUNY certificates.

Award: We will select 500 grantees nationally (college) or until we reach 1,000,000 students

Deadline to apply: October 30, 2020

Rationale: The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) DOE National Report Card released recently shows that reading scores as compared to 2017 decreased nationally for grades 4 and 8 by 1 and 3 points respectively (NAEP, 2019). We can help your students get ranked much higher next year.

Our Vision Goal: The goal of the NEF STEM+ Academies is to better prepare students for college and the workforce. That means providing students with core skills in ELA, Math, and Digital Literacy, which provide a foundation for dealing with complex, real-world problems in STEM areas in our society. The goal of the  NEF-SUNY VISION FOR AMERICA, announced recently after consultations with the White House and Congress,  is to provide support to 1 million students.

What You Get:

    1. Individualized learning in Digital Literacy mapped to nationally accepted IC3 standards.
    2. Certificate from SUNY (State University of NY, the largest University in the U.S.) the course developer.

About the Academies

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To learn more contact NEF at 703-823-9999.