Optional programs for STEM+ Academies include: Digital Literacy, Minecraft Competition, Fitness & Wellness Competition, and free Adult Online Learning for the Community.

STEM+ Options: Digital Literacy

  • Schools will receive Digital Literacy licenses to support the number of students indicated in their NEF Agreement.
  • Schools are encouraged, but not required, to use the Digital Literacy course.
  • NEF will provide instruction on how to administer the Digital Literacy licenses.
  •  The goal is for students to pass the Digital Literacy course with a grade of 80% or better in each of the three course areas (Computing Basics, Living Online, Key Applications).
  • Students will receive NEF Certificates of Completion from within the course when they pass the course.

STEM+ Options: Minecraft Competition

Blending Minecraft, computer, and teamwork skills, students can participate in four contests with prizes.

  • School-wide (September)
  • Statewide (October-November)
  • National (December-February)
  • Global (March-June)

STEM+ Options: Fitness & Wellness Competition

  • Track and inspire student fitness
  • Incentives funding to drive improvements
  • Students receive recognition and certificates
  • Schools will maintain their own records of student fitness.
  • Schools should measure students’ fitness at the beginning, midpoint, and the end of the school year, and identify students who maintained overall high levels of fitness, as well as students who achieved strong gains in overall fitness.
  • Schools will receive Fitness Incentives funds that they may choose to use at their discretion to motivate students to pursue healthy lifestyle choices and overall improved health.
  • Schools should report on their Fitness Incentive Program to the NEF once per month throughout the year.

STEM+ Options: Adult Online Learning

For parents and the community, we offer a catalog of over 8,000 IT, Desktop, and Business Software courses at no additional charge.